Africa’s wildlife, wild lands, and its rural communities bear the brunt of climate change.

Even though the continent consumes a tiny fraction of the world's fossil fuels, Africa’s vast ecological wealth and unique natural ecosystems are especially susceptible to shifts in weather patterns. The protection of large landscapes is one of the greatest mitigation measures for climate change. 如果管理负责任, 大片完好无损的土地可以减轻气候影响, 帮助野生动物和人类适应环境.

健康的大景观有助于吸收碳排放. 它们的完好无损不仅对野生动物的生存至关重要, 但这是建立气候适应能力的必要因素.

In all of the large landscapes where 足球比赛购买平台 works to protect biodiversity, we engage the people who depend on the natural environment for their economic, 社会, 和文化福利. 气候智能型保护规划, 可持续的自然资源管理, and conservation-friendly enterprises are powerful tools to reduce the vulnerability of communities in the face of climate shifts.

Without such sustainable and proactive participatory measures to mitigate climate change impacts on rural communities, 非洲独特的自然资源受到影响.



Combined with excessive greenhouse gas emissions from around the world, 非洲的森林砍伐正在使非洲大陆付出代价.

森林, due to their ability to absorb and sequester tonnes of carbon dioxide which would otherwise trap heat in the atmosphere, 是减缓气候变化的主要工具之一吗. 政府间气候变化专门委员会估计到2050年, 森林面积需要增加1000多万平方公里. 以稳定全球气温.

但非洲的森林正受到威胁. Huge tracts of the continent’s rich forests and grasslands are destroyed for industrial and infrastructural development. Rural communities are also clearing land for settlement and subsistence farming rapidly — the scale might be small and isolated, but this shift in land-use fragments wildlife habitats and restricts the movement of certain species.



气候变化的威胁在非洲和世界各地都在增长, 而非洲的森林可以成为解决问题的一部分. 森林 contribute to about one-sixth of global carbon emissions when cleared, overused, or degraded. 健康的森林吸收排放并永久储存.

非洲大陆近20%的面积被森林覆盖, 包括世界第二大热带雨林, 刚果盆地森林——被称为“非洲的绿肺”.”

AWF works with governments and communities to ensure the sustainable management of Africa’s forests, 比如刚果盆地, 保护野生动物栖息地, while also protecting water towers and enhancing forest carbon stocks.

通过U.N. Programme on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+), we have collaborated with partners to provide the forest communities in Chyulu Hills in Kenya with monetary incentives for adapting land-use to support conservation. Instead of logging and clearing portions of the forest for small-scale agriculture, landowners can sell carbon credits and invest the revenues into community-led enterprises.

As part of the Central Africa Forest Ecosystems Conservation program, AWF's work with both forest communities and wildlife management agencies is helping to secure the world’s second-largest rainforest. 在刚果民主共和国, local-level initiatives provide alternatives to bush meat hunting and agricultural practices driving forest loss. 对于喀麦隆的社区, economic opportunities from non-timber forest products are transforming lives and protecting biodiversity. 在坦桑尼亚南部, AWF is increasing forest cover through tree planting and helping to secure existing forests by improving planning and management in partnership with the Tanzania Forest Service.

Introducing climate-smart agriculture and sustainable energy solutions.

作为AWF土地使用计划的一部分, we build community capacity to adapt to climate change and provide practical solutions so communities have options that work for them.

农村小农, this involves learning new sustainable farming techniques that ensure higher crop yields, 促进土壤健康, 留住水分,最终增加收入.

We also train and organize groups to develop alternative livelihoods from non-timber forest products and beekeeping, 取决于他们的优先级. 为依赖森林的社区提供替代方案, we help to protect key forest resources while providing benefits to communities.


到2030年,水资源短缺将影响多达三分之二的非洲地区. Our reforestation initiatives help recover Africa’s lost forest cover and when focused around riverine areas, 它们创造了阴影,阻止了河岸的侵蚀, 帮助野生动物和人类改善水的流量和质量.

在坦桑尼亚南部, we have supported water user associations with training to manage their water resources, 恢复河林, 划分河边的界限, and assess the quality and flow of their rivers with affordable tools that involve all members of the community. This is just one component of the watershed management plans that are designed with the input of multiple local stakeholders in line with national policies and natural resource management goals.

AWF also equips Maasai households in northern Tanzania’s Manyara Ranch with tools to harvest rainfall — instead of digging shallow wells or scooping riverbeds — transforming how communities access water in semi-arid landscapes. 为传统的多塔量身定做, each structure in the homestead is covered with a waterproof tarpaulin and a guttering frame to collect rainwater. It passes through a filtration system to remove dust and other solids before it is stored in an underground tank — out of elephants’ reach. Previously the burden of fetching water fell on women and young girls, often pushing them out of school or other income-generating activities. 现在, 这个简单的解决方案减轻了家庭的压力, 需要时只需要一个手摇泵抽出干净的水. Collecting rainwater also mitigates various 社会 and health impacts while also improving the community’s capacity for climate change adaptation as droughts become more frequent.



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