AWF and Embassy of 卢旺达 in Washington Host APAC Preview Event


AWF and Embassy of 卢旺达 in Washington Host APAC Preview Event



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Photo of African amabassadors to the United States at APAC event in Washington

H.E. Santa Mary Kinyera, Ambassador and Deputy Head of Mission of Uganda to the U.S.; H.E. 肯尼亚驻美国大使拉撒路·阿马约(Lazarus Amayo.S.; H.E. 马蒂尔德教授Mukantabana, Ambassador of 卢旺达 to the U.S; H.E. 博茨瓦纳驻美国大使Onkokame Kitso Mokaila.S. at the African Protected Areas Congress preview event in Washington, D.C.

华盛顿特区.C./内罗毕, 肯尼亚/基加利, 卢旺达(4月6日, 2022) — 足球比赛购买平台 (AWF) and the Embassy of the Republic of 卢旺达 co-hosted a special preview event and reception last night for the upcoming IUCN African Protected Areas Congress (APAC). Presentations on April 5, 2022 were attended by more than 100 U.S. 国会议员,国务院官员,美国政府官员.S. 美国国际开发署.S. 鱼类及野生动物服务, 世界银行, 亚太区的赞助商, 14个非洲国家大使馆, to examine what is at stake at the upcoming IUCN African Protected Areas Congress scheduled to take place in Kigali, 7月18日至23日在卢旺达, 2022.

Presenters at the AWF-卢旺达n Government event included: H.E. 马蒂尔德教授Mukantabana, Ambassador of 卢旺达 to the United States; Hilda Suka-Mafudze, African Union Ambassador to the United States of America; AWF Country Director, 卢旺达 Belise Kariza; and AWF 全球领导地位 Director Edwin Tambara, who shared information about the goals of the first-ever IUCN Africa Protected Areas Congress and showcased the Conservation and Development Masterplan for 卢旺达’s Volcanoes landscape and expansion of Volcanoes National Park, as an example of the successful community conservation programs to be considered and expanded in numerous African countries by APAC this summer.

H.E. 马蒂尔德教授Mukantabana said: “The Embassy of the Republic of 卢旺达 is honored co-host this important African Protected Areas Congress preview event in Washington, D.C. with our trusted partners at 足球比赛购买平台. Detailed presentations on APAC this evening conveyed the goals of APAC policy makers, 机构, 和非政府组织, 包括首届国会的目标, 定于7月18日至23日在基加利举行, but also helped to inform the successful ongoing conservation work and expansion efforts in Volcanoes National Park in 卢旺达.”

足球比赛下注卢旺达国别主任 Belise Kariza他说:“作为我此次华盛顿之行的核心内容,华盛顿特区是美国的首都.C.这是一件很重要的事情. Many US officials in the audience have heard about the APAC Congress coming up in July in Kigali. They want to find out more, and some want to attend in-person. As part of our joint presentation with the Embassy of 卢旺达, I talked about 卢旺达’s conservation and Development Master Plan with a special focus on the expansion of the Volcanoes National Park as an example of how we protect wildlife and wild lands the right way in African countries – how we create a road map for sustainable development and new economic growth through enterprise approaches that respect and restore nature and convey skills and innovation in people. 卢旺达’s efforts with AWF in Volcanoes National Park in protected areas where mountain gorillas have experienced a significant rebound is helping to inform an investment blueprint for the next generation of enterprises in the landscape - across a diversity of sectors…forestry, 农业, 有创意的, 旅游和技术.” 

AWF高级主管, 全球领袖埃德温·坦巴拉说:“今晚, we came together with the Embassy of the Republic of 卢旺达 at a critical juncture to shine a light on African conservation priorities, 让美国参与进来.S. lawmakers on the ambitious agenda of the African Protected Areas Congress , 在非洲各国政府, 非洲保护区负责人, 非政府组织, 商业领袖, and conservation experts will respond together to what many are calling the ‘triple crisis of climate change, 生物多样性丧失, 和污染.’”

在聚光灯下, AWF experts discussed the new sustainable financing mechanism proposal for all of Africa’s protected and conserved areas including state, 私人, and community areas in terrestrial and marine environments of North, 南, 东非和西非. At APAC in July, 非洲保护区负责人 from all 54 African countries will deliberate 泛非保护信托基金(A- pact), a conservation trust fund with sufficient endowment (US$ 95-225 billion) to pay out US$ 2.63-6.每年70亿.


The 足球比赛购买平台 is the primary advocate for the protection of wildlife and wild lands as an essential part of a modern and prosperous Africa. 成立于1961年,专注于非洲的保护需求, 足球比赛下注表达了独特的非洲愿景, 连接科学和公共政策, and demonstrate the benefits of conservation to ensure the survival of the continent’s wildlife and wild lands.


The IUCN Africa Protected Areas Congress (APAC) is the first ever continent-wide gathering of African leaders, 公民, and interest groups to discuss the role of protected areas in conserving nature, 保护非洲标志性的野生动物, 提供维持生命的重要生态系统服务, promoting sustainable development while conserving Africa’s cultural heritage and traditions. APAC is scheduled to take pace in Kigali 卢旺达 from 7-12 March 2022. 大会的登记工作正在进行中. 如需更多资料,请浏览亚太经社会网站:

MEDIA CONTACTS: For US media inquiries, please contact Patrick Mitchell at 有关亚太地区的查询,请联系瓦伦丁·恩乔洛格 VNjoroge@apacongress.非洲 或者艾琳·凯鲁 To inquire about APAC Sponsorships, please contact Beulah Erhiawarien at: